Karen and Ricardo

Up to this day I don't remember how I got in contact with Vision Photography Inc but I am soooo happy I did. When we first met in January 2010 I knew Karl had to be my photographer from his mannerisms to his knowledge about the sun light and his calculations of the sunset time and direction for our wedding date almost a year into the future ...all this just to ensure you have the best pictures to his vibe I had to make sure I booked him for my December date. As the months went by I kept in contact with Karl to make sure our wedding date was booked as Karl received many calls for "our" date. From our photo shoot for our signing portrait, I knew our wedding pictures were going to be the bomb just by his creativity and timing..."Hold" or "I like that".

On our wedding day - as some people call him and his team the "Men in Black" you know you are receiving a great service from persons who love their job. From rushing to get ready for my prelude pictures and having my toes photographed with toilet paper between them , just shows how usually scenes makes memories. Our photo shoot was amazing down to where we had a gorgeous shot with us kissing and the sunset in the background. When we received our pictures I cried because of the quality, beauty, love and fun we had and to this day I remember each shot as it happened. Thank you Vision Photography Inc for the wonderful job and memories you have given us, we will recommend you to all our friends and book us for December 18, 2020 when we renew our vows..